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"It wasn't my turn to wear it."

In case you are new to the Princess Pillowcase Project, let me say thank you for your interest. I am new at blogging, but hope I can publish some things of interest to you.

My name is June Renner and I founded the project in September of 2011. We sew dresses and shorts for children all around the world, in North, Central and South America, Europe, Asia and Africa. Our ladies sew at senior centers, churches and in people's homes. Kits are available to sew at home. We are an all volunteer group. and are always happy to add new members. There are lots of things that you can help with that do not require sewing. All of our clothing is delivered by missionaries with whom we have personal contact.

We hear both heartwarming and heartbreaking stories from our missionaries. Steve Hull of Least of These Ministries told me of a little girl to whom he had given a dress to one day, and on the next day when he asked her why she wasn't wearing the dress she told him, "It wasn't my turn to wear it." That's when I knew the real value of the project and why it must go forward. We are now in our eighth year and have sent over 25,000 dresses and shorts collectively to needy children throughout the world.

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