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April Was A Busy Month

April was indeed a busy month. Fifty dresses were sent with a medical team to Haiti. Three hundred dresses, 150 pair of shorts, 346 new panties and 100 toiletry kits containing a toothbrush, toothpaste, a comb, washcloth and soap were picked up by our Missionary Robin Nicolson from Damascus Community church for her upcoming trips to Honduras and Nicaragua.

Our workshop days were very well attended and we've added new members to our group. We got a very nice donation of fabric and notions from our local thrift store. I've been busy making kits for our at home sewers. These ladies are doing a great job.

Our South Carroll group, led by Karen Larrimore, has been busy also and brought 37 dresses to our last workshop. Sharon, who has been sewing in Florida over the winter, brought in 35 dresses, some of which had beautiful embroidery on them, which was done by her friend in Florida. Cindy brought dresses from her group at Calvary United Methodist Church and Charlotte Gyroy brought some dresses with her ribbon embroidery on them, which she does by hand.

So many dresses and no two alike. I can only imagine the smiles these will bring to the children who receive them!

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