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Year end totals and upcoming trip to Cuba

Reflecting over the past year my heart is full of joy for all we have accomplished. We’ve done it together, in our homes, in churches, at workshops, in spreading the word, in making new connections, and welcoming new members. We have been blessed with prayerful support and individual donations as well. All this has meant that we were able to help more needy children around the world this year than in any other year to date.

We started 2018 with a total of 20,440 dresses and 4,543 shorts. This year we sent 4,781 dresses and 1,038 pair of shorts to children around the world, bringing our year end totals to 25,221 dresses and 5,581 shorts.

So now we start a new year which promises to be an exceptional one. Not only will we be sending dresses and shorts with missionaries, but we are going to have an opportunity to be going on a mission trip ourselves to Cuba with Missionary Joe Dine of Bridging the Nations Ministries. We will have the blessing of handing out our clothes personally. In addition to that we will be holding sewing classes for women there. We will be teaching them how to make the dresses and shorts themselves, and machines and equipment will be given to them so they can continue the mission after we leave. Please pray for the success of this mission.

The trip will take place sometime in the spring. Possibly eight of us will be going and each of us will be able to carry two suitcases. That means we can take lots of dresses and shorts, and we’ll have lots of pictures to share, so please keep sewing. I hope everyone gets a picture of a little girl or boy in something that you’ve made.


Last Friday Joe and his photographer and videographer came to the senior center and filmed the start to finish process of making a dress and a pair of shorts. Sometime in the future this will be available on our website. It will also be translated and used in Cuba. A big thank you goes out to Joe, Ron and Heather for volunteering to do this.

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